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2. The Care Cooking Academy

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Dinner? DONE!

Course Table of Contents:
Welcome: Introduction Video From Chef Todd
  • Video: Welcome to Sauce Boss
Part 1: Using Direct Heat In Stove Top Saute´
  • Beef Stroganoff Over Wide Egg Noodles
  • ​Beef And Broccoli Fried Rice
  • ​Cold Szechuan Spicy Noodles
  • ​Peanut Coconut Saté
  • ​Chicken Cocoa Molé
  • ​Improvised Honey Mustard Chicken
  • ​Chicken Marsala In One Pan
  • ​French’d Chicken Rochester
  • ​Lobster Newburg
  • ​Seared Ahi Tuna
  • ​Balsamic Reduction Scallops
  • ​Mahi Mahi with Rum Shrimp Beurre Blanc
Part 2: Using Indirect Heat In Oven Roasting
  • ​Meatballs and Spaghetti
  • ​Cranberry Rice Stuffed Pork Tenderloin
  • ​Black Bean Burritos
  • ​Spinach Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken
  • ​Chicken Parmesan
  • ​Turkey Tettrazzini
  • ​Perfect Pot Pie Crust And Filling
  • ​TRUE Maryland Crab Cakes
  • ​BaltiMohr Coddies - Maryland Cod Cakes
  • ​Oven Fried Shrimp
  • ​Mahi Mahi With Cajun Cream Sauce
  • ​Sherried Seafood Au Gratin
  • ​Coquilles St. Jacques
  • ​Bubbly Au Gratin Potatoes
    Part 3: Using Direct AND Indirect Heat In Combination Cooking
    • Filipino Pork Adobo
    • ​Hunter Style Pork Chasseur
    • ​Pork Ropa Vieja
    • ​Chef Todd's Best Chili Method
    • ​Beef Stew with Barley Thickener
    • ​Coconut Curry Chicken
    • ​The National Dish of Spain - Paella
    •  ´Etoufée vs Jambalaya vs Gumbo
    • ​Brussels Sprouts and Szechuan String Beans
    • ​The Risotto Method and Combination Salmon
    Bonus Items
    • ​Bonus Video: Tomorrow’s Ingredients Today - Kitchen Prep Day
    • ​Bonus Guide: 5 Mother Sauces Tree
    • Bonus Reference Sheet: ​"International Spice Teams"
    • ​​FULL COURSE BONUS: Breakfast? DONE! Class, with 10 video lessons including step-by-step instructions for creating dozens of international breakfast favorites. You get this entire course for FREE!
    What You're Getting:
    • DINNER? DONE!, Digital Course Includes: 36 Lesson Videos (Grouped into 3 Sections by Primary Cooking Method) so you can master the 3 most important cooking methods, create dozens of new meals, and practicing every day with more variety than you'll need in a year! (see full course curriculum below Step #2)
    • *30 Day Access to the Care Free Cooking Academy with access to 19 premium Web Cooking Classes, like Sauce Boss, Flame Tamer, Pizza Pasta Proud, Fall Cooking, Holiday Cooking and so much more! *Continued Membership is just $37 USD per month. Cancel anytime to stop future payments.
    • Special FULL COURSE BONUS: Breakfast? DONE! Class, with 10 video lessons including step-by-step instructions for creating dozens of international breakfast favorites. You get this entire course for FREE!
    • Bonus Video: Tomorrow’s Ingredients Today - Kitchen Prep Day
    • Bonus Guide: 5 Mother Sauces Tree
    • Bonus Reference Sheet: "International Spice Teams" Guide 
    • Non Expiring Lifetime Access - You Keep "Dinner? DONE!" Course plus all of the Bonuses above for Life - even if you cancel the Academy after 30 days!
    • 30 Day Full Money-Back Guarantee!
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    "No longer do I need recipes to prepare a meal!"

    "I'm a retired schoolteacher and have enjoyed cooking for a long time. There have been good and bad experiences with my cooking in the past. Since starting this class I have learned so much and am so excited about my progress. Since starting this course, I have prepared foods for family and friends that they have enjoyed so much. Even my white-meat hating friends marvel at how moist and tender the chicken breast meal was. I know that I can reproduce that meal over and over again because I have learned the cooking method necessary for its success. No longer do I need recipes to prepare a meal. After learning about cooking methods, I can prepare anything that my mind can create or with ingredients I have on hand. I'm so excited to explore more in this cooking adventure! Thank you Chef Todd for teaching the methods of food preparation that I can now prepare!"
    ~Mary S

    "I highly recommend this course!"

    "I've been enrolled in this course for about a month, busily practicing my sauté technique. I got started because I was trying several of the meal delivery services and my inability to cook the meat correctly quickly became evident! There is a HUGE difference between what a recipe says: "cook over medium-high heat on both sides 5-7 minutes or until done" and how Chef Todd shows you the proper way to sauté a chicken breast. Each video is FUN and QUICK, two very important features for busy professionals. Day jobs are a reality, people! I am having a blast and my husband is appreciating my new and improved meals. I highly recommend this course!"
    ~Amy R

    "I used to like to cook, now I LOVE to cook!"

    "My friends and family all say what I great cook I am. However I have already learned so much from this class. I have been cooking a lot for the last 10 years and find that it is challenging and relaxing at the same time. I have already created several personal recipes that turned out very well. Mostly because of Todd's great teaching. He makes everything easy to understand and to remember and FUN! I love to bake fresh yeast breads but cannot wait to see what I will learn from Todd's classes. This is one of the best decisions I have made. I used to like to cook, now I LOVE to cook!"
    ~Kent D

    "I saw an immediate improvement in my cooking"

    "I've only been enrolled for a few days, but I saw an immediate improvement in my cooking. The lessons have opened my eyes to new ways of looking at cooking. I no longer depend on recipes. Now they are only a suggestion or inspiration rather than the old follow it exactly or it's no good mindset. As a chiropractor I know the how important quality ingredients and proper nutrition is. These classes allow you to easily adjust the meals to suit any allergy restrictions and still taste great."
    ~Dr. John Murray, D.C.

    This has opened up a new way of cooking for me. 

    Chef Todd is an excellent instructor and it's been a great experience taking the courses when I want to take them and working at my own pace. I am totally confident now whether I'm cooking on the grill or in the kitchen. Once you understand "the methods" you can cook anything. And I'm saving a bunch of money now when I go to the grocery store.

    - Jeff M.

    For the cost of one restaurant dinner, you can learn how to dine well forever.

    My only regret is not finding this course sooner. Chef Todd teaches a no-nonsense technique-based course. If you combine solid, proven methods with fresh ingredients you have a no-fail plan. I'm impressed with the way Chef reuses leftovers to create whole new dishes. No recipes mean that no one is telling you what to combine. There are no rules, other than those of hygiene and these well-taught methods. If you're wondering whether or not to buy this course, stop right now and sign yourself up. 

    - Jill H.

    Even the first few lessons have totally transformed my life.

    I look forward to creating dinner now, and my husband is choosing my food over fast food. I have medical restrictions on what I can eat, and I was delighted to learn Chef's methods can transform even the hated Renal Diet. Thank you, Chef Todd, for healing my bad attitude toward cooking! 

    - Sheri S., Web Cooking Classes Lifetime Member

    I've already been telling friends about your course.

    This has eliminated the expense of cooking with recipes from my life. I now have confidence in my cooking, ability to think beyond the recipe and the skills to focus on cooking with what we have in the house, which is a big money saver. I have quit cooking with recipes, and have expanded my cooking repertoire by cooking at least 3-4 times per week, using what I've learned in the online course. I've already been telling friends about your course, and telling them the fun that cooking has become through structured success - and through freedom from recipes

    - John D.

    This was well worth the investment.

    Since joining Chef Todd, I now have a love for cooking that I never had before. I am cooking healthier, saving money at the grocery store, learning to use what I already have in the kitchen, and even losing weight as a result. This was well worth the investment. Just ask my family.

    - Cinda

    I have learned more than I thought possible. 

    After cooking for a large family, it has been difficult for me to cook for only 3 people with different dietary needs. Cooking became a nightmare. I decided I needed to learn more. I have found such inspiration from the classes, and support from everyone who posts their success, failures, and questions. I learn new things every day. I am 71, and still learning.
    - Helen F.

    I feel like I've finally discovered the secret to great cooking!

    Chef Todd has taught me more about cooking in the short time I've been following his teachings than in ALL my previous years of watching TV cooking shows, YouTube videos, and reading recipe books combined! His teaching skill is exceptional and the humor he adds makes it extremely fun. My cooking has improved so much that my family and friends rave and compliment me every meal I prepare now, which just makes cooking that much more enjoyable and fulfilling! The money I paid for the course has been returned back to me 100 times over in better more efficient meal planning, food shopping, storage, and prep, and a lot less cooking fails.

    - Mike

    My friends are amazed at the quality of dishes I'm turning out. 

    Before Chef Todd, I was limited to the same usual "safe" recipes week-after- week. But now, I've been thinking out of the box, I no longer rely on recipes, I think about what I have in the pantry and fridge and go from there. My friends are amazed at the quality of dishes I'm turning out. Thank you, Chef Todd for making this painless, and so much fun!

    - Dan R.
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